Edinburgh Fringe 2017: Top comedy picks 

Currently whizzing back down to London from a fantastic week at the Fringe 23 shows later and in dire need of a good kip, but let’s commence hence forward with more comedy reviews! 

Sean Kelly: Sold Your Way! 

The star auctioneer of Dave’s Storage Hunters UK is a true natural, and a genuinely funny and humble kind of guy. He has lead a varied and colourful life; aside from his stint on Storage Hunters, he has served in Iraq and in the security field. Have to admit that I didn’t have very high expectations that this show was going to be funny but that was blown of the water completely, and I was made to feel even more guilty after the show when I met his and he’s a really very nice guy! A word of warning though, the theme of the show does get a bit…er…shitty. 


Sean Kelly is appearing at the Underbelly Med Quad (Venue 302) until August 27. 

Jason Byrne: The Man with Three Brains 

Fringe favourite Jason Byrne is back with another, no holds barred, off-the-wall show. Expect bonkers audience participation routines, dancing and thick belly laughs. 


Jason Byrne returns to the Assembly Hall (Venue 35) between August 19-20 then 22-27.  

Suzi Ruffell: Keeping it Classy

Regrettably, I didn’t get to see the full show, however, I did get to see Suzi perform as part of a charity gig called “Joe Lycett and Friends” on August 18 (and unknowing, once before at an-otherwise rubbish-comedy night the student union bar I work at hosted last year). She is a great story teller with amazing energy and stage presence, would have loved to have caught the full show, which is at the Pleasence Courtyard (Venue 33) until August 27. 

Paul Sinha: Shout out to My Ex

Once again, I have to admit I went with low expectations of this (Probably because I’m quite a big fan of The Chase, and I didn’t want to be let down?) and once again I was proved wrong! Paul Sinha is not only amazingly smart, but is also a natural and articulate storyteller. His show focuses on the events since he broke up with an ex-boyfriend and the bleak 2016 which ensued. Fiercely funny stuff. 


Catch Shout out to My Ex at the Stand Comedy Club (Venue 5) until August 27. 

Steve Bugeja: Summer Camp

Steve Bugeja (Pronounced “Boo-Jay-A”) offers the compelling and hilarious true story of his time volunteering at an American Summer camp for autistic children. Bugeja- a writer for Mock The Week and 8 out of 10 cats– is sincere and formulaic in his storytelling; well worth a watch, and it’s pay what you want. 


Steve Bugeja performs at Just The Tonic at the Tron (Venue 51) until August 27. 

Ian Stirling: U OK Hun? X 

Fresh from narrating ITV2 hit Love Island in Spain, Iain Stirling returns to his native Scotland with U OK Hun? X (Which, by the way, is a fantastic title). Stirling offers his reflections on life in your 20s; he gets riled very quickly and it’s very funny. 


Catch U OK Hun? X at the Pleasance Courtyard until August 27.  


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