Edinburgh Fringe 2017: Top picks (So far) 

Here is a (very) brief rundown of comedy I have enjoyed at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Gareth Waugh: Honestly?

One comedian,  two mics. In a world of fake news, Waugh puts the idea of comedians embellishment of the truth on its head in his show, Honestly? On one mic, Waugh delivers true stories and the other, complete(?) lies, with the truth only to be revealed at the end. To me, the idea that some of the stories may have been embellished didn’t matter at all as Waugh, a  socially awkward 27 year-old Scot, delivers a very enjoyable show and a novel approach to story telling. 


Gareth Waugh: Honestly? Runs until August 28 at the Gilded Baloon Teviot (Venue 14). 

Jimeon: Ridiculous

Fringe veteran and Irish comic Jimeon delivers an eclectic show bringing together elements of story telling, whitticisms and a lot of face-pulling. Hugely enjoyable and a fun watch. 


Jimeon: Ridiculous runs until August 21 and then from 23-27 at the EICC (Venue 150). 

Myra DuBois: DuBois Entendre 

Yorkshire’s answer to Lily Savage- and then some! DuBois is fiercely funny and has knife-sharp whit. She harks back to an older style of drag but is wonderfully refreshing. Expect songs, audience put downs and questionable magic! But hold on to your seat! What’s more, it’s FREE!


DuBois Entendure runs from August 16-14 and then finishes on August 26 at the Laughing Horse @ The Counting House (Venue 170). 

Tom Allen: Absolutley

Apparently described as Kirstie Allsop trapped in Phil Spencer’s body, Tom Allen will regale you with tails from suburbia. Allen has a wicked sense of humour, excellent energy and timing and has a wonderful rapport with the audience. I have been waiting to see a full-length show of his since I saw him open for Jon Richardson a few months ago and I was not disappointed. Allen really deserves more recognition. 


Tom Allen: Absolutely runs from August 16-27 at the Pleasence Courtyard (Venue 33). 

Tom Lucy: Needs to stop showing off in front of his friends

Tom Lucy is an awkward 21 year-old who is fresh from supporting Jack Whitehall who he evidently draws inspiration from. His youth does not equate inexperience at all and he has developed a really likeable personality and style. I was so impressed that someone (who’s the same age as me!) is performing at this level at really succeeding      . Really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing more from him in the coming years. 


Tom Lucy’s show runs from August 16-27 at the Pleasence Courtyard (Venue 33).

Cameron Lynch: Lynched

I regret that I didn’t get to see Lynch in her full show, rather, as part of the Funny Women Fest on August 14. She was by far the best on the bill that day. It’s the New Yorker’s Fringe debut so she deserves a special mention and I look forward to looking her up on YouTube very soon. Her show runs from August 16-27 at the Laughing Horse @ The Counting House (Venue 170). 

Craig Hill: Someone’s Gonna Get Kilt!

This is the show to go for if you’re after some good Scottish patter; Craig Hill is a sensation with boundless energy that bounces off the audience so fast, you’ve barley time to pause between bouts of laughter. Hill has genuinely the best relationship I have ever seen with his audiences and really knows how to work them for material. No two shows are bound to be the same at this level and your stomach will be aching by the end. 


Someone’s Gonna Get Kilt! Runs from August 16- 21 and then 23-27 at the EICC (Venue 150). 

Mark Nelson: Irreverence 

Mark Nelson seems to be very well-known in Scotland and I (regrettably) hadn’t come across his work before. Mark’s show is dark and brilliantly delivered with a great message from which I think we can all learn- don’t take life too seriously. Nelson (no relation of mine, as far as I’m aware) ponders topics such as fatherhood and politics in this hugely enjoyable show. 


Irreverence runs from August 16-27 at the Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14). 


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