K9 memorial

This was piece I made for TV news on one of our news days. As part of our course, we completed a number of news days in which we would have one day to work as a team to create either a newspaper, TV news program, radio news program or fill our local news websites with stories. These were a great way of getting a feel for what a full working day would be like. I thoroughly enjoyed these days- as challenging and as stressful as they could be, they were an excellent way to work on my teamwork and newsgathering skills. In this case, we had a day to make our own TV news program. This story was linked to and used some of the same sources as a magazine article I wrote which you can view here. This was a story which was about commemorating police dogs who lost their lives working on the front line, and was a subject close to my heart because my family have owned working police dogs. I thoroughly enjoyed covering his story and you can watch it below.


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